Warehouse Cinemas Partners with Local Businesses to Launch Branded Vodka

FREDERICK, MD, February 23, 2022 - Warehouse Cinemas is proud to announce a partnership with local, award-winning McClintock Distillery, located in Frederick, MD. Warehouse Cinemas strives to provide an elevated and enjoyable movie-going experience while also supporting local businesses. Now, Warehouse Cinemas - Frederick has partnered with McClintock Distillery and local marketing agency, HighRock, to create their own Underdog Vodka which will premiere on the first night airing of The Batman from Warner Bros. Pictures, March 3.

The New Underdog Vodka

McClintock Distillery is a local staple known for its quality spirits. The Underdog Vodka is a liquor infused with burned orange, dragon fruit, and lemongrass, offering a smooth, tasty flavor that can be consumed straight or paired with a wide variety of other mixers for creating delicious cocktails. Warehouse will be featuring this liquor in their own specialty cocktail created by local mixologist from Frederick’s restaurant, The Tasting Room. You can find this drink only at Warehouse Cinemas.

Details: The Batman Premiere and Underdog Vodka Launch Party

The release of the Underdog Vodka is only one of the many events taking place at the launch party for Warehouse Cinemas - Frederick on the first weekend of March. The party takes place on March 3rd, 6pm to 8pm at Warehouse Cinemas - Frederick. The party will feature tastings, The Underdog cocktail, cosplayers, comic book vendors, and a special edition 2022 t-shirt designed exclusively for Warehouse Cinemas. The local artist who designed the artwork will also be onsite for signings.

The Underdog Vodka bottle label was designed by local partner and marketing agency, HighRock. The party promises to be the highlight of The Batman premiere weekend. Anyone who wants to experience this special event should mark their calendars now.

This showtime is for the Warehouse Cinemas location.

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