Warehouse Cinemas to Open Third Location at the Rotunda in Baltimore, MD

Warehouse Cinemas is expanding and reviving one of the great first-run movie theaters in the Baltimore area. The company announced their third location is being opened in Baltimore, Maryland as early as this Fall, in the former CineBistro location at the Rotunda.

The Warehouse Cinemas name has become synonymous with innovative marketing in the cinema industry and a quality, unique experience for discerning consumers. Until this point, Warehouse Cinemas has operated two separate locations in Maryland, with cinemas in Frederick and Hagerstown. Both locations are high-performing cinemas in the Washington D.C. DMA, with Frederick ranking in the Top 6% of the North American Box Office according to ComScore.

There are a number of signature amenities that visitors will enjoy at Warehouse Cinemas –Rotunda. The new movie theater is going to feature seven screens, four of which are 4K projectors, and all auditoriums will feature Dolby 7.1 surround sound. The renovations will also include the installation of new, heated leather recliners, a self-serve beer wall, expanded menu, and a premium bar with wine and movie-themed cocktails. The new location will not restrict customers under the age of 21.

“Our goal is to create a community of moviegoers of all ages. Through our programming, we’ll have family-friendly movie titles, along with all other blockbuster films across different genres. We’ll also curate a limited mix of independent and mid-budget films to offer a range of content options,” said Rich Daughtridge, President and CEO. “Our ticket prices will also reflect a range of options. Tickets will be as low as $7 all day on Tuesdays, with an average ticket price of around $12 at other times throughout the week.”

Warehouse Cinemas is proud to feature a wide variety of unique monthly events as well, including the Film League, which is a movie club designed specifically for people who love movie premieres, films, and amazing experiences. Warehouse Cinemas has become known for other events like Steal the Pint Nights, Brunch Club on Sundays, Margarita and a Movie, and more.

Like the other locations, Warehouse Cinemas – Rotunda will feature a fast-casual restaurant and bar model. Instead of having food ordered and brought to the seat, patrons will have the opportunity to purchase food and traditional concessions in the lobby and take into the auditoriums. Patrons will be given an optional pager to notify them when their food is ready. The average wait time in other Warehouse Cinemas locations is under 6 minutes.

The movie theater chain also offers unlimited free refills on all sizes of soda and popcorn. Furthermore, customers will not need a movie ticket to come in and enjoy the food and beverage menu at the restaurant. There will be plenty of comfort food on the menu, including gourmet hot dogs, flatbread pizzas, creative grilled cheese sandwiches, and more. Many food items will have gluten free and vegan options.

“We are excited to open our next Warehouse Cinemas in the city of Baltimore. Our brand has always been focused on a ‘night out’ and a high-quality experience combining food, beverage and moviegoing. We’re looking forward to partnering with local businesses and serving guests in the Hampden neighborhood and surrounding areas of Baltimore,” said Daughtridge.

The new movie theater was the former CineBistro located in the Rotunda at 727 W. 40th St. in Baltimore, MD. The extensive renovations are being completed to mimic the eco-modern industrial design of the other Warehouse Cinemas locations, but with a twist of uniqueness for Baltimore. A commitment to partnering with the local community and businesses has always been at the heart of the Warehouse Cinemas brand, which will be reflected in the new location as well.

“Our goal is to open in the Fall of 2022. We will be occupying the adjacent restaurant space as well, so most of our renovations will be in the restaurant, bar, and lobby spaces. We will also be replacing all the existing seating with luxury leather recliners, complete with a footrest and a seat warmer,” said Greg Mills, Co-Founder and COO.

About Warehouse Cinemas: Warehouse Cinemas offers a unique, premium movie going experience by providing first-run movies, dynamic pricing, leather recliner seating, high-quality picture and sound, premium food and drink options, eco-modern industrial décor, and special community events.

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