Warehouse Cinemas Launches Annual T-shirt with Local Artist

HAGERSTOWN, MD - Warehouse Cinemas - Leitersburg in Hagerstown, MD is one of the premium locations for watching a movie in the area, and many are eagerly anticipating the March 3 premiere of The Batman from Warner Bros. Pictures. To celebrate the upcoming movie release, as well as a recent partnership with local artist and comic book vendor, Luke Hill, also known as lukedude, Warehouse Cinemas – Leitersburg will host a movie premiere event on March 3, from 5pm to 7pm  where moviegoers can meet with the artist whose recent work is featured on Warehouse’s 2022 t-shirt design.

In addition to attendees having the opportunity to meet Luke Dude and getting their t-shirt signed, they will also get to interact with comic book vendors and cosplayers onsite. The t-shirt will be available for purchase at all Warehouse Cinemas locations on March 3rd.

About Luke Hill

Luke Hill is a local artist and Hagerstown Community College student who was recruited to design the Warehouse Cinemas 2022 t-shirt. Luke has been drawing for as long as he can remember, in part due to challenges he faced with social development after being diagnosed with autism in his youth. As a result, one of the ways he coped with this issue was by drawing.

Drawing made him feel good and fostered the growth of his imagination. He used art as a way to connect with people, communicating his feelings when he couldn't use words. He always had something he wanted to explore with his friends and family members, and one of the best ways he could do so was through developing artwork.

Luke now has a number of copyrighted characters, many of which are included on the Warehouse Cinemas - Leitersburg t-shirt. Luke worked with local marketing agency, HighRock, to finalize the print design and production for Warehouse Cinemas.



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