Warehouse Cinemas brings a new movie experience to Baltimore

BALTIMORE, MD: Local movie fans will have to wait just a bit longer for heated leather recliners, a self-serve tap wall, a premium bar with movie-themed cocktails, and an elevated food menu. Earlier this year, Warehouse Cinemas announced their third location was being opened in Baltimore, Maryland, as early as Fall of 2022, in the former CineBistro location at the Rotunda. The company is now targeting an opening in Q1 of 2023 due to construction and permit inspection delays. 

“As much as we wanted to be open for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, we hit delays in our construction schedule, some of which are out of our control,” said Greg Mills, Co-Owner and COO. “The good news is that we’re back on-track and subcontractors are fully engaged onsite.”

“The auditoriums are all completed and retrofitted with luxury recliners, the projectors and sound are fine tuned and ready to go. We’re just waiting on the completion of the lobby, which includes our signature self-serve pour wall, bar, restaurant and concession area.”

Warehouse Cinemas – Rotunda is occupying both the former CineBistro cinema space and the adjacent space, formerly Growler USA. The spaces are being combined into a space that will serve both moviegoers and restaurant patrons.

“At the Rotunda, we didn’t want to simply paint the walls and turn on the movie projectors again. Our vision is to create an inviting, signature entertainment destination for Hampden and the greater Baltimore area. Combining the two spaces was more work and is taking more time, but we believe the end result will be an amazing space for the community to enjoy,” said Rich Daughtridge, President and CEO.

Earlier this month, Warehouse Cinemas – Rotunda went before the Baltimore City Liquor Board and was approved for a Class B license allowing them to offer beer, wine and liquor at the theatre.

The full management team has also been hired. Mary Mills, a cinema veteran who most recently managed the Regal Green Hills in Nashville, Tennessee, is the General Manager. Other managers include Adam Nibeck, Operations Manager, Eli Weber, Food & Beverage Manager, and Courtney Reich, Community Liaison Manager.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the team we’ve recruited for Warehouse Cinemas – Rotunda. Personally, working closely with them all for the last few months, they truly embody our ‘Save the Day’ brand promise and are committed to building on our foundation of hospitality and innovation,” said Kyle Kops, District Manager at Warehouse Cinemas. “I’ve been in the cinema industry for more than 20 years, and Warehouse is unique in it’s approach to moviegoing and this requires a different mindset from management. This team gets it!”

The new location will not restrict customers under the age of 21, however; Warehouse Cinemas will require movie patrons under the age of 16, after 6 PM, to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, 21 years of age or older. “Our goal is to create a community of moviegoers of all ages, but we also want to ensure a quality moviegoing experience through our Admission Policy and our Code of Conduct. We will have strict enforcement of both,” said Kops.

This showtime is for the Warehouse Cinemas location.

New Policy: Any patron entering the Warehouse Cinemas facility after 6pm (including purchasing tickets for any showtime starting at 6pm or later) must be at least 16 years of age with a valid I.D. with birthdate or be accompanied by a guardian that is at least 21 years of age with a valid I.D. including birthdate. To read the complete Admittance Policy, click here. By clicking "CONTINUE" below, you are acknowledging you have read and understand the new policy before buying tickets.

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