Warehouse Cinemas Awarded Patent for SkyVUE® technology in select locations

Warehouse Cinemas, a boutique east coast movie theater chain, has been awarded a U.S. Patent for their SkyVue® technology after waiting 7 years for the approval.

“I can still remember the Saturday morning when I called Greg Mills, Co-Owner and COO, and explained the ‘what if’ scenario of inverting the angle between our floors and the screens to optimize the viewing for movie patrons,” said Rich Daughtridge, Co-Owner, President and CEO of Warehouse Cinemas.

In concept, the idea is simple, but the ergonomic research and execution took years to implement.

“We started to realize that a future challenge in the industry was the combination of steep stadium seating with the trend of converting from traditional movie theater seats to recliners. The viewing angle, especially in the top few rows was less than optimal as you looked through your feet, and the first row viewing continued to be the most avoided seats,” said Greg Mills. “Our idea was driven by a customer-first philosophy and a value proposition to continue offering an affordable, out-of-home entertainment option.”

Warehouse rolled out SkyVUE® in their first location in Frederick, Maryland in early 2020. Unfortunately, the company had to wait more than 5 months until Maryland allowed movie theaters to openand things started to get back to normal post-pandemic. All 10 auditoriums in Frederick are outfitted with the SkyVUE® technology, and the angle of the screen is adjusted accordingly to the size of the auditorium.

In their Hagerstown location, Warehouse Cinemas – Leitersburg, only 2 auditoriums are outfitted with SkyVUE®. Integration in future locations will be dependent on the floor design and overall architecture.

In some auditoriums, Warehouse Cinemas will also install a larger, wall-to-wall screen and Dolby Atmos to compliment the SkyVUE® technology. These premium large format (PLF) auditoriums, offer guests the ultimate in Hollywood movie exhibition, for only $2 more, consistent with their ticket pricing philosophy.

“We believe a great out-of-home entertainment option, in our case, going to the movies, should offer the best picture, sound and comfort, while at a price point that matches consumer demand. This is the baseline and when you add an elevated food and beverage option (no pun intended) to the mix, it’s a fun, relaxing evening out,” said Daughtridge.

Both Daughtridge and Mills have leadership roles within the Independent Cinema Alliance (ICA).  Daughtridge serves as President and Mills helps lead the ICA Marketplace, the organizations group buying arm. The ICA represents 4,750 screens and over 200 companies in the United States and Canada.

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