Leitersburg location finalizes largest auditorium renovations

Warehouse Cinemas - Leitersburg has officially opened their two largest renovated auditoriums to moviegoers. The first big films to be shown in the new auditoriums will include Marvel's The Batman, and Paramount's The Lost City.

The renovations include:

  • New heated fully reclining seats
  • Complete interior updates
  • Fully extendable swing trays
  • Wide aisles for easy movement

Auditorium 2

  • Dolby ATMOS sound (object based immersive sound system) 
  • A 50% larger screen (it is massive)

The Dolby ATMOS tickets can be found on the showtimes with the blue buttons. All tickets including the ATMOS tickets will be $7 all day, anytime on Tuesdays. 


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