It All Started with a "What If"

It all started with a “what if”.  We had an idea that could revolutionize the cinema industry and were just crazy enough to give it a shot.  
Drawing from a wide range of backgrounds in business, finance, marketing, technology, engineering, and entertainment, our team had experience in almost everything but how to run a cinema.  And in our opinion - that was a good thing.   We had a vision of how the movie-going experience should be, not from the perspective of  industry veterans, but from the perspective of the audience.
Our first experience in the industry began with a "passion project" in 2010.  For several years, our small hometown theater had fallen into disrepair.  As entrepreneurs, we saw an opportunity to restore it to its former glory and then add the creativity and innovation it desperately needed.  Located in the middle of a cornfield on the outskirts of town with no retail, restaurants or businesses nearby, the 10-screen theatre needed to become it’s own entertainment destination. We began with renovation.  We traded the neon lights and cartoonish Hollywood themed decor for a clean, modern industrial look.  We installed electric, leather recliners in auditoriums at a time when such luxury was only being used in home theatres and living rooms.  Our goal was to create a “VIP experience” that made guests fall in love again with movie-going, so the renovation was just the beginning.  From affordable prices to free refills to one-of-a-kind community events and parties, no idea was too crazy if it put the customer’s needs first.  And the numbers proved our theory was right.  
In 8 years, the attendance grew from 60,000 admits per year to 350,000 admits per year – so we knew we were on to something.  The question was inevitable, “If we can make this kind of impact with our hometown theater, what could we do with our own chain of cinemas?”  Hence, in 2014, the concept of Warehouse Cinemas was born.

Built on the idea that movie going should be an experience worth remembering, every Warehouse Cinemas would feature all the proven staples of a successful cinema – state of the art picture and sound, luxury recliners, and classic concessions, but it had to be more.  The real attraction would be the experience – the decor and hang out spaces, the unique food and alcohol options, the interactive community events, and the thoughtful staff.  Every little detail pointing toward the belief that every day deserves a little bit of “wow”.

We set out on a mission to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary cinemas.  Using our patent pending SkyVUE® technology, any space with a flat or sloped floor could quickly and easily be converted to a cinema by adding a raised and slightly tilted screen.  From empty warehouses to abandoned shopping centers to vacant downtown buildings, we saw countless opportunities to bring new life into old, forgotten spaces.  

In 2019, construction began on our flagship location in Frederick, Maryland, with a grand opening in Summer of 2020.  The vision is final coming to life, and planning for future Warehouse Cinemas locations is already underway.