Health & Safety is Top Priority

Warehouse Cinemas has implemented significant measures to help ensure our customers and employees feel comfortable and safe at our theater.  An important step in opening to the public is effectively communicating oru safety policies and procedures.  Customers can find these measures are outlined in detail below.  Additionally, our team is always available to address questions and concerns.

Safety Starts with Our Staff

  • Extensive and ongoing training for health, safety, and cleaning best practices
  • Every staff member will have their temperature checked before their shift
  • Every staff member will be required to sign off in Deputy prior to every shift that they are not having any symptoms of sickness nor have they been in contact with anyone who has for the last 14 days
  • Every staff member will follow the CDC recommended hand washing practices
  • Various health and safety signage will be placed in food service and common areas for the staff to easily reference

We Take Pride in a Clean Facility

  • Disinfectant proven to kill the COVID-19 virus will be used in all common areas throughout the day and during nightly cleaning—with a heightened attention to entrance and exit doors, seating areas in the lobby, ticketing kiosk, restrooms, countertops, water fountains, and other high-contact surfaces
  • After every movie showing, a disinfectant proven to kill the COVID-19 virus will be used on auditorium entrance and exit door handles, handrails, recliners, tray tables, and cup holders in each auditorium
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be located at the entrance/exit doors to the building as well as throughout the complex
  • All closed caption and assisted listening devices will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use
  • Hands free trash cans are located throughout the facility

Social Distancing is Top-of-Mind

  • 6ft apart floor markers will be placed at the concession stand, ticketing kiosk, and bar areas
  • Restrooms will have every other urinal and hand sink closed off to create a safe distance between them
  • Ticketing kiosks will be separated apart from each other to create a safe distance between them.  Sanitizing wipes will be readily available for guests to clean the touchscreens before and after each use
  • Every other concession station will be closed to create a safe distance between guests purchasing food and beverages
  • Each auditorium will have every other row off limits to ensure no one is sitting directly in front of or behind anyone else
  • All ticket purchasing platforms have been updated to ensure social distancing between guest
    • Every other row will not be available for seat selection, so guest do not have anyone sitting directly in front of or behind them.
    • When purchasing tickets and reserving seats, a guest will not be able to select a seat within two seats of a seat that has already been selected by another guest
    • Guest who purchase multiple tickets in one transaction will be able to reserve seats adjacent to each other. but not within two seats of other guest who have already purchased and reserved their seats.  This way family and friends who choose to do so can still sit next to each other
  • All state and local regulations regarding occupancy levels will be strictly adhered to at all time

Together - We Can Limit Contact

  • Guests are strongly encouraged to purchase tickets online.  
  • Tickets can also be purchased at a kiosk or concession register, but will be checked-in hands free at the ticket podium by a staff member.
  • Guests are strongly encouraged to use credit cards in lieu of cash at the concession stand and bar.
  • Cashiers will not handle food and beverages.
  • Dedicated staff members will be assigned to prepare and serve food and beverage orders only.
  • Any staff member handling food or beverages will wear a mask and gloves at all times, changing frequently as needed.
  • All staff and leadership will wear a mask when on site.