Amidst renovations Warehouse Cinemas donates theater seats to Potomac Playmakers

Our Leitersburg location recently announced that it had donated 130 seats to a local organization that is in the midst of its final renovations. Warehouse Cinemas donated the seats to Potomac Playmakers, an organization that is known for producing popular plays in the local area and has been looking for ways to complete its renovations and open its doors once again. 

Potomac Playmakers Is Appreciative of the Gesture

According to the President of the Potomac Playmakers, Barry Harbough, “As a non-profit and all-volunteer organization, the Potomac Playmakers is overwhelmed by the generous donation of 130 theatre seats from Warehouse Cinemas. This gift further elevates the Potomac Playmakers Performing Arts Center and provides our patrons a more comfortable experience for our Main Stage and Stage Door offerings. In addition to this amazing gift, Rich Daughtridge, CEO and Greg Mills, COO's willingness to assist with the creative logistics required for us to choose, remove, and transport the seats between our two facilities was above and beyond what we could have expected.”

The Final Renovations Are Nearly Complete

Warehouse Cinemas has a few extra theater seats to go around because of all the renovations taking place at the Leitersburg location, and it knew that its old theater seats had to go to good use. By removing the old theater seats and giving them to a local nonprofit organization, Warehouse Cinemas knows that the seats will have a great second life.

In addition to the complete structural renovations and auditoriums updates, Warehouse Cinemas will have even more updates coming fall of 2022.  Including, the entire exterior of the building painted, and the signs updated. Inside, visitors will immediately notice the expanded kitchen, new lobby, 28 tap self-pour beer wall, expanded food menu, the finished bar, and plenty of self-serve stations. The lobby updates when completely renovated, will have new decorations and seating. These renovations will also help provide visitors with a much larger extended menu of options, including movie-themed comfort foods and snacks. Some of the most popular items on the menu include funnel cake fries, flatbreads, and grilled cheeses.

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